General Information

Ridge Community High School is a beautiful campus located in Davenport, Florida, with an enrollment of 3000 students. The campus offers several academies for students: Medical, ELITE Teaching, Engineering, Vet Assisting, and BOLTS Leadership; as well as a variety of other electives: Culinary Arts, Early Childhood, Digital Arts, Fine Arts, Band, Chorus, Piano, Dance, Veterinary Science, Agricultural Science, etc.

School History

Ridge Community High School was established in 2005.

Three principals have led the school to develop the culture that makes the school diverse and unique:

Stephen Ely 2017-present
Russell Donnelly 2015-2017
Sherry T. Wells 2005-2015

Mission, Vision, & Beliefs

The mission of Ridge Community High School is to empower our students, parents, teachers, and staff and to create an environment that accommodates a diversity of backgrounds, interests, and abilities.

We are committed to transforming the lives of our students by providing a rigorous curriculum that equips students with knowledge and skill that contribute to high levels of achievement. Our goal is to expand our students’ horizons through a variety of social, cultural, and educational activities.

Belief Statements
The faculty and staff of Ridge Community High School believe it is necessary to:

  • Establish a strong instructional program and service based safe environment.
  • Provide students with the foundation for lifelong learning that will equip them to become effective citizens for tomorrow.
  • Provide a comprehensive education which engages students in real world projects.

Main office:
500 Orchid Drive
Davenport, FL 33837

First Bell:
6:55 A.M.
2:00 P.M.